Author: Tracy Mapfumo

The Exceptional Resurrecting Bush

Medline lives in Ward 16 Chivi district, rural Zimbabwe. Her area has been receiving less and less rain over the past decade. Farmers like here have resorted to planting small grains, although some still stick to growing maize which has been dwindling in productivity over the years. For this reason, field crops fetch no income for Medlineís family of two adults and 7 dependents. This year, Medline joined the Natural Resources Production Cooperative that sells resurrection bush twigs to Bio Innovation Zimbabwe, to raise money to look after her family since her husband is not employed. The plant is...

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Promoting Zimbabwe’s underutilised superfoods; improving rural livelihoods

We live in a world with huge diversity! There are nearly 300,000 different edible plant species alone. Despite this, 80% of our calorific intake is derived from less than 20 species. This is sad, but it also presents huge opportunities in terms of rediscovering some of the underutilised, neglected species. At Bio-Innovation Zimbabwe (BIZ), we research, develop and promote underutilised species -mostly indigenous and often wild harvested- as new crops for smallholders. We choose to improve demand for indigenous plants for several important reasons: They widen the food basket, strengthening food security and enhancing people’s daily nutritional intake. They...

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