Author: Tinashe Manyonga

Creating opportunities from waste through green partnerships

Recycling start-up calls for green partnerships as a key strategy on the war on waste. Award winning, Unique Innovations (Private) Limited established in 2013 and led by an award winning innovator Tinashe Manyonga, has declared a war on waste.  We have figured out strategies of successfully fighting this war and this brings us to a critical issue of a “Call for Green Partnerships”. They is need to create what we have come to call Green Partnerships with key organizations in the system. These refer to partnerships created to reduce the the carbon foot print of particular organizations and individuals...

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Young Innovator gets a life line from GiHub and Declares war on waste

Zimbabwe faces a huge challenge in terms of waste management. The economic challenges being faced have made it difficult for those mandated to spearhead the waste management to effectively perform. Financial constraints at all major councils have led to the accumulation of litter in all towns and cities. Great things happen when ideas meet passion. Tinashe Manyonga is a 29 year old social entrepreneur who studied for a Degree in Crop Science with the University of Zimbabwe before taking a keen interest in waste management and recycling. Having drawn inspiration from his aunt who had learnt of the Hot...

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