Author: Prisca Daka

Facing Extinction

Sudan, A Stark Reminder,  Bringing Rhino Conservation Issues To The Forefront On the 19th of March, the world mourned the death of one of the last three remaining northern white rhinos and only surviving male, Sudan. With the species already extinct in the wild, his death indeed brought to the forefront rhino conservation issues. We should ask ourselves, how did we get to the point where we can count the world population of such an iconic species and not use more than three fingers? The real tragedy about the death of Sudan is in what it represents – Extinction,...

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Connecting the Dots: Wildlife, The Youth & Climate Change

Zimbabwe is home to a diverse array of wildlife that is so important to our culture. It is sad to note that it faces a bleak future if we do not address the current global warming crisis. Our climate is changing; both naturally and due to human activities and wildlife, animals specially are rapidly losing the competition for space due to the ever growing human need and greed. One of the big questions that we have to answer is, how can we best protect wild animals in the face of climate change when human activities are increasingly running counter to...

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