Author: Lisa Govera

The economic opportunities that lie within hyacinth at Lake Chivero

At one time I visited the Lake Chivero to reflect on nature like I always do, and to my surprise I noticed a weed like plant that had spread like a massive spectacular blanket ,close to the edges of the lake. Researching about this particular beautiful hydrophyte plant, I understood how much of a problem it could become if not controlled, and also how much of an economic opportunity it could be if….. harvested and put to use to local communities surrounding Lake Chivero. Hyacinth also scientifically known as Eichhornia crassipes, which thrives on most lakes in Africa, One...

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Pomona Dumpsite blaze contributes to massive carbon emissions

Being a digital youth climate mapper has changed the way I view my role as a young person and my ability to voice out concerns to do with our environment, as well as engaging other youths to rally behind activities that advocate against climate change. The timely opportunity of becoming a mapper came at the very moment my community was facing air pollution problems, and being able to report and share my personal experience made me feel that I was making a change. Moreover I got to learn so much about climate change and the reality of the situation...

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