Author: Caroline Jacquet

Zimbabwe’s one and only Traditional and Organic Food and Seed Festival is back!

2015 Food Festival – food court at lunchtime We love every season for different reasons, but even we’ll admit that spring is one of the best. Blooming jacarandas, days nice and warm and slowly lengthening,… and time for our annual Traditional and Organic Food and Seed Festival! So put on your hats and sunscreen, round up the family and join us for a day full of cooking and (most importantly) eating, on Saturday 1st October at the Harare Botanical Gardens. We’ll have an early start with a morning exercise (AfroFit) followed by healthy and traditional breakfasts; an even greater...

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The 2016 Traditional and Organic Food and Seed Festival

Dear Aunty Simukai I’ve been meaning to write to you for a few months now to tell you about something really exciting happening in Harare which I am sure will interest you. Ever since I was a child I have heard you talking about the need for us to ditch junk food and return to healthy, traditional foods like the ones which you used to give us when we visited you kumusha. Well, do you remember when you visited us in 2013 and we went to the Food Festival together at the Harare Botanical Gardens? You said how much...

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