Author: Archibald Mathibela

The key to Zimbabwe’s socio economic development is a sustainable communications strategy

A turnkey communication strategy needs to be in place to not only build goodwill and understanding between citizens and the presidium, but to also ensure that socio economic reforms are both successful and far-reaching. Granted, it’s an assortment of constantly moving parts. However, an effective strategy can help achieve the national vision, exploit emerging opportunities as they arise and pave the way for sustainable socio economic development. The Government will need a clear plan and the political will to implement it. An effective communication strategy serves as a guide and gives Zimbabwe some legroom to set its own agenda rather than importing one made to order from Western think tanks. It will be a delicate dance entailing the engagement of a potpourri of citizens with as many disparate views, interests and expectations as the regional and international community. Whatever the case, President Mnangagwa has to oversee the creation of relevant and sustainable policies that empower every Zimbabwean to give the best of themselves to their country at every waking moment. How Government communicates this message will determine their credibility on the back of watershed elections slated end of July. In the meantime, the Mnangagwa Government has the goodwill of a sizeable section of the population eager to see Zimbabwe on the rebound. It is this goodwill that Government can piggy back on to tackle the low hanging fruits of...

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Zimbabwe’s Open for Business Policy Vs Advancing a Sustainable National Economic Vision

A gleaming convoy of mint Freightliners whooshes past the narrow, well-worn dusty strips of road in one of the country’s busiest highways. Heavily laden, their payload is a century’s gift from sustained gutting of the nearby Mountain’s treasure trove. In the distance, a conical tower bellows and exhales grey smoke from the stone crusher into a cloudless sky with the reckless abandon of a teenage chain smoker. The spectacle creates a thick carpet that envelopes the surrounds in a curtain of dust and gloom, sapping the life out of all the fauna and flora on this busy gateway for...

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SustainZim Wins Award

SustainZim named Best Upcoming Community Newspaper at the 2017 Youth Voice Journalist Honours awards. POVOAfrika Trust, the evergreen team behind the quarterly SustainZim newspaper were last week named ‘Best Upcoming Community newspaper’ at the 2017 Youth Empowerment and Transformation Trust (YETT) Youth Voice Journalist Honours awards.  The ceremony came after a nationwide call for entries from various youth advocacy organizations, shining a light on youth led initiatives as the panacea to modern challenges. In the two years of the tabloid’s existence, SustainZim has churned out 8 editions with a total print run of 60 0000 with support from developmental...

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The last phase of the Gihub project – Part 1

The This is our second and final installment of the GiHub project’s documentation work to track the progress of 9 young innovators in their project activities since the project started. This exercise not only serves as a monitoring and evaluation tool, but provides a benchmark of the progress made by the innovators and the partners involved in the project. It is hoped that the report will be the basis of lessons that will lead to the improvement of this initiative inorder to scale up on development opportunities that empower the young innovators to create positive impact in their lives...

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