Killing for Conservation

No animal better portrays the plight of African wildlife than the rhino. There are a lot of charitable organisations and media campaigns around the world that focus on the dwindling numbers of these rare animals that we have left. And yet ever year thousands of these...

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Facing Extinction

Sudan, A Stark Reminder,  Bringing Rhino Conservation Issues To The Forefront On the 19th of March, the world mourned the death of one of the last three remaining northern white rhinos and only surviving male, Sudan. With the species already extinct in the wild, his...

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Keeping the Message Alive

Editorial - Issue 08 In this edition of SustainZim our feature article is by Martha Munyoro Katsi from Practical Action. She discusses ëincreasing food security through solar powered irrigationí. In a project in Gwanda, 6 community gardens were installed with solar...

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